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2015: What Foster Parents Need to Know

What Foster Parents Need to Know

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Caring for children damaged by abuse and delay is a tough and often thankless job. What Foster Parents Need to Know is a no-nonsense book by professionals and foster parents about how to navigate the system, deal with problem behavior, and be effective.

A brief opening section describes how to keep a journal online or in a handy notebook. Keeping such a diary is easy and will provide valuable documentation for dealing with allegations, going to court in disputed adoptions, and preparing a Life Book. Also included is information on the five important adoption subsidies, tips on discipline, how to make your voice heard as a foster parent, and more. A practical resource for all foster parents, especially those who hope to adopt.

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2014: Attachment and Bonding in the Foster & Adopted Child

Attachment and Bonding in the Foster & Adopted Child
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  • Foster parents will learn how to make their voice heard in case conferences and in court.
  • Birth parents will learn effective strategies for reunification.
  • Adoptive parents will learn how to weave a path through the many laws and polices involved, and how to obtain the subsidies available.
  • Mental health professionals will learn how to evaluate bonding in four objective and verifiable definitions that can be presented in court.
  • Case managers will learn how and why the child’s needs are paramount, and how to engage the older child in planning for his or her future.
  • Child welfare administrators will learn innovative recommendations about ways to improve the system and reduce time in foster care.
  • Attorneys will learn how to help foster parents advocate for their wards, defend them against allegations, and argue their case in a contested adoption.
  • All readers will learn why bonded relationships are so important and how their disruption lead to significant increases in mental illness, crime, and homelessness.

Every child has the right to a permanent home.

2013: Parenting Tomorrow's Child

Parenting Tomorrow's Child
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What will our future young adults need?

Tomorrow’s world will need creators and dreamers. Young adults able to cross borders of race, gender, and geography. And more than ever, they will need to know how to get along and resolve the many problems that arise when people compete for similar goals.

How can this book help?

The Kennys have raised twelve children, and have been foster parents to many more. They know there are no quick fixes. Their approach is practical, committed, and caring.

The book provides a concise summary of the normal ages and stages of development. It also offers imaginative and effective ways to shape behavior.